Simple, fast, intuitive, InboxZero is the best email app to achieve inbox zero

Available in Belgium - Worldwide release: 2016

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Getting things done, thanks to InboxZero

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Stop being overwhelmed by newsletters.

Your email conversations are smartly sorted in two categories: People and Companies.

You can focus on your conversations with people and quickly browse the newsletters sent by companies. Your inbox consequently seems lighter and better organized.

Email conversations with companies
Reminders to get things done

Reminders: Never forget to do something.

Add a reminder to a conversation and it will reappear in your Inbox whenever you want. Forgetting to answer an email or to follow up with another mail isn’t part of your daily life anymore.

You can quickly have a look at all your conversations with reminders in a task list view. If you were looking for a GTD app (Getting Things Done), InboxZero is your solution.

Browse all the attachments exchanged with a contact in a snap.

We’ve all spent a lot of time looking for an attachment coming from a certain person. Thanks to InboxZero, you can quickly browse all the attachments linked to your email exchanges with a contact. This mail app offers you a quick way to get things done.

InboxZeron the best GTD app
Inbox Zero and getting things done

Inbox Zero is finally a reality.

Once you read an email, it disappears from your inbox to be archived in your conversations with contacts. You can still find your read emails in your conversations.

If an email requires processing at a later time, simply add a reminder. It will reappear in your inbox at the perfect moment.

You can also choose which emails show up in your Inbox thanks to the Serenity mode. For example, force newsletters from companies to never see the daylight of your inbox, but end up directly in your conversations. With this innovative mail app, reaching Inbox Zero becomes your reality.

The most organized mailbox: classify your email conversations in folders.

InboxZero allows you to quickly have a look at all your email conversations concerning a certain topic: shopping, holidays, etc.

This organization helps you easily get things done.

Get things done with this email app
Inbox Zero thanks to Serenity mode

The Serenity Mode for less stress.

Activate the serenity mode and decide which emails you want to see in your Inbox and which notifications you wish to receive.

For example, choose not to have notifications when you receive newsletters coming from companies. You will only be notified when a person sends you an email.

This serenity mode is perfect to receive only certain notifications on your Apple Watch.

A contact list amazingly organized.

InboxZero brings together different email addresses in a single contact in order to have a detailed contact list. You can even sync your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to get your contacts pictures.

This GTD app (Getting Things Done) was carefully designed for a unique user experience.

Getting things done thanks to InboxZero
Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook

Currently available for Gmail

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