Our mission and vision

Where we come from

We are a small Belgian company situated just outside Brussels. We are a spin-off of a strong and growing IT Company that develops collaboration software for other businesses. (B2B) We specialized in collaboration software. Salvatore Curaba, the CEO of the company then decided he wanted to take that knowledge and offer it to the public. So the development of the app started in 2014. Very quietly, just in between other projects we coded and programmed often deep into the night for this special little project.

Where we are

Now having tested the app on the Belgian market, we were confident it could work on a bigger scale. Therefore we are now launching over the ENTIRE WORLD! Anyone can download our app from anywhere now. This is incredible exciting, but also quite stressful. Luckily we can fend off this stress by using InboxZero.

Where we are going

Wouldn’t it be fun that we could actually look forward to communicating with other people. Isn’t that a better perspective to look through then to dread opening your overfull inbox every day? That’s where we are taking you guys. We want to keep developing the app so that every user will have an empty inbox every day. Not only that, but they will be reminded of an email when they want. And able to respond quickly. Even talking. With easy attachments.

We strive to make it the simplest email app that will give you peace of mind, while also having the most PRODUCTIVE app on the market. – Salvatore Curaba

Our people and culture

The people behind the story are often even more important than the product itself. That’s why we chose to have the best. Yes you heard that right, we have the BEST developers and designers of the entire country. How did we attract and more importantly keep them? By really, really… being a good boss. Being elected as Best Employer 2015 & 2016 we are quite confident in our ability to make people feel good. We find it important to treat our people well because we feel that treating people well will shine through in the application.

Stop wasting time and start having the good life

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