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Email conversations

Just like whatsapp, sms, messenger, ...

InboxZero automatically sorts your emails in conversations by contact. You can quickly display your entire conversation with a contact in a chat view. To ease the browsing of your emails, a smart algorithm cleans them up to show only the highlights. Thanks to InboxZero for Android, finding a specific message from a certain person becomes child’s play and reading your emails is more enjoyable.

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Stop being overwhelmed by newsletters

Focus on what matters: People

Your email conversations are smartly sorted in two categories: People and Companies. Focus on your conversations with people and quickly browse the newsletters sent by companies. Say goodbye to your overloaded mailbox and improve your productivity thanks to this amazing GTD (Getting Things Done) app.

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Smart attachments finder

Search by date, contact, name & type

InboxZero shows you a list of all the attachments linked to your email exchanges with a specific contact. Quickly find the attachments you need and get things done thanks to InboxZero for Android, the best mail client to boost productivity.

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Never forget anything

Add reminders & events

Set a reminder on a conversation and it will reappear in your Inbox at a later time. You will never forget to follow up on important emails again and you will start to better manage your tasks thanks to the to-do list view. InboxZero is the best application to manage your emails and get things done, all from the comfort of your Android device.

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No stress with the Serenity Mode

Notifications only for important emails

Emails are not all equally important and not all of them deserve the same attention. Activate the Serenity mode to decide which emails you want to get in your Inbox and which ones are worth a notification. For example, choose not to get notifications when you receive newsletters from companies. Focus only on important messages and reduce your stress.

Enjoy reading emails

Conversations sorted by folder

Automatically filter messages based on their content

Filter your conversations and put them in different bundles based on their topic: work, travel, etc. Enjoy an amazingly organized Inbox and keep an overview of all your interests at a glance.

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Stop wasting time and start having the good life

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