Apple Watch

Apple watch conversations

Read mails in the form of conversations

Just like Whatsapp, SMS, Messenger…

Even on the apple watch you have your smart inbox and see your emails with a great conversation design.

Stay in touch via Apple Watch

Always be connected with the people close to you

Quickly read the emails of your friends and reply using Siri. Being in touch has never been this easy.

Get notified everywhere you go

Never miss an important email anymore

Always be updated of the new important emails via your apple watch. At a glance you’ll be able to see when you have an email and you can read your email right then and there. Never was it so easy to be in touch with people.

Apple Watch notification screen
Apple watch serenity

Enjoy the serenity mode on your watch

And achieve InboxZero without effort

Be rewarded for your empty inbox and go through life without stress.

Stop wasting time and start having the good life

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