Tips & Tricks

5 tips to improve your use of InboxZero

Cédric Huysentruyt

InboxZero is a great tool but it becomes so much better once you really get the hang. In this blogpost I’ll tease you with some great features of InboxZero which aren’t used enough. Don’t hesitate to dig further to get everything from this nice application.

1) Make use of reminders
Often I receive important emails while I’m actually working on something else and can’t handle the email directly. I’m pretty sure all of you already encountered this situation and settled it by marking the email as unread and leaving it in your inbox. Right?
Can you imagine doing the same with your paper mail? A bill arrives in your mailbox, you open it and you don’t want to pay it right now, so you put it back in the envelop and in the mailbox... Strange, isn’t it? I don’t think you are handling like this.
Probably you have a place where you sort your bills to pay later, so you keep them together and once the time has come, you take and pay them. Well you can do more or less the same with your electronic mailbox.
When you receive a mail you’ll have to take action on but you can do it right now, add a reminder to this email. The email will disappear from your mailbox, allowing you to have an empty inbox, and will come back in the inbox at the moment you decided it. Wonderful isn’t it?
To add a reminder, go to the options of a conversations, set a date and time and that’s it. You can pick up your day and wait for email to return at a desired moment.

2) Easily find attachments
Did you already encountered the situation in which you are pretty sure you once send or received an attachment in an email but you have no idea in which email the attachment was?
With the ‘Attachments’ menu of InboxZero this is no longer an issue. This menu displays a list of all the attachments which are linked to one of your sent or received emails. Furthermore you can sort this list by Date, File type, File name or Contact name.
It was never so easy before to retrieve that one concert ticket, invoice, offer, …

3) Configure your notification centre
*Pling*, *Pling**Pling**Pling*, *Pling*
Are you tired of getting notified thousand times a day for emails without any added value for you? Have you therefore decided to simply deactivate notifications for your emails?
Again InboxZero has the solution, say hello to the notification centre (what’s in a name?!).
The notification centre is ways more customizable than the average notification centre in mail applications.
For example you have the opportunity to activate push notifications for persons and conversations you marked as important while emails of companies (mostly newsletters) will simply enter your mailbox without interrupting you.

4) Use filters in your inbox
By default your conversation list will contain a lot of entries, namely a conversation for each contact with which you have emails. These conversation will be sorted chronologically, keeping the most recent conversation on top of the list.
In certain cases, you are not interested in seeing some kind of conversation and you would like to see only conversation of your contacts you flagged as important. Another possibility is to see only mails of persons or only unread emails. The possibilities are infinite.
Use the filter in the upper right corner of the InboxZero menu to decide which conversations or details you would like to see.

5) Use the holiday mode
Hmmm talking about holidays, so delicious… Do you knew InboxZero has a holiday mode?
You can find the holiday mode under the settings. When activating it, set your holiday dates, a default text and finally sit down and relax.
When you’ll receive an email from a personal contact, InboxZero will automatically send an email to your contact alerting him you’re on holiday. An out of office for your personal mailbox, wonderful.

Extra: Install InboxZero on all your devices
I was supposed to keep this to 5 tips but I was to enthusiastic and couldn’t keep this last one for me. Do you know InboxZero exists on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac?
You can connect your account to all these devices and always use the most convenient device for each moment of the day. They will all stay synched with each other and with your email account.