How many emails do you have in your Inbox?


46 emails in your Inbox and you do not know how to manage them? We all have already encountered this unpleasant situation in which we hesitate to remove an email from our Inbox. Our mail app, InboxZero, is the solution to this true problem!

For many of you, it is common to have an Inbox overloaded with read and unread emails. You hesitate to read some of them because you consider them as important. Therefore, you want them to stay as unread in your Inbox. You also fear to remove other emails because you think you could have to answer them later. This hesitation leads to an overloaded mailbox generating stress.

Our mail app, InboxZero, is born following this bad way of working. We have completely rethought your mailbox!

Inbox Zero, finally reachable

With our mail app, InboxZero, your emails now appear in your Inbox. Once you read them, they disappear from it to be archived in your conversations. You can still check your emails in your conversations, so that you are not afraid to remove your mails from your Inbox anymore. Moreover, you do not have to archive all your emails, InboxZero does it automatically.

When an email is important and you do not have the time to answer it, you can simply add a reminder. This email will disappear from your Inbox and will reappear at the right moment.

InboxZero goes even further!

You can use the serenity mode and choose that newsletters from companies never see the the daylight of your inbox, but end up directly in your conversations!


You can download InboxZero for free to discover how we revolutionized your mailbox with this new mail app.