InboxZero has launched a new version!


Hi there, 

At InboxZero we have GREAT NEWS! We have been working hard to improve our app tremendously. This has resulted in some amazing new features. You will have access to so many new functionalities that it will BLOW YOUR MIND. 

First of all you now can connect Hotmail, Outlook & Yahoo accounts to our app. We have received a BIG demand to connect these accounts and therefore we’ve now made them available for you.  

Secondly we have become Multi-platform. Which means we now are accessible on iOS, Windows and Mac. Therefore you can access your mails via InboxZero, no matter which device you’re on. 
For your friends who have Android phones, we have good news too since they’ll be able to use the app pretty soon! 

These developments are off course combined with bug fixes, faster synchronization and other general performance improvements.This, however is only the beginning. In a couple of months, we will start the worldwide launch of the app, with even MORE added features. 

As we say at InboxZero, the best is yet to come. Have a great day! 

InboxZero Team