InboxZero, my favourite mail app


I would like to personally thank you guys for including me in the InboxZero beta test program. InboxZero finally allowed me to manage my emails as it should have always been. 

I must admit that I have a very strict criteria whenever I try a new app: it must be logical and simple. Basically, I uninstall an app whenever I need more than 10 minutes to use it efficiently. I tried many mail apps and I often needed much more time than that . But the worst part is getting used each time to their new way of managing emails. I always needed several days of frequent use before I could get things done effectively.  

Thanks InboxZero

Luckily, this was not the case with InboxZero. Since I was beta tester I have been using InboxZero for several months now. I finally manage my inbox efficiently and with zero stress! Please don't change these features below in the future because these functionalities turned for me this good mail app into a great mail app:

- The way InboxZero converts emails smartly into conversations

- How conversations are nicely sorted by each contact

- The integration of contacts from the device, Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn 

- Separating conversations between people and companies

- Easily manage automatic "I'm on holiday" answers

- The stressless functionality of the Serenity Mode

One of the most interesting facts is that everything is organised automatically. Getting things done has never been that easy.

I am really grateful that you guys provide so many people such a great app that is completely free. Please keep up the good work guys!


Once again, thank you Raphaël for this touching email.