InboxZero new version – The app to quickly find your attachments!


How much time have you lost looking for attachments: a picture, a booking, a file, … ?

Thanks to the new version of our mail app, InboxZero, it is easier to find your attachments and get things done!


It is now easier to find your attachments thanks to InboxZero

Many of you told us how much you loved the quick browsing of all the attachments exchanged with your contacts. So, we decided to go further!

We added a new button “Attachments” in the menu to make your life easier. Thanks to our mail app, InboxZero, you can now have a quick overview of all the attachments exchanged with all your contacts. 

You won’t lose time anymore typing the email address of a contact to open each email coming from this person hoping to find the attachment researched.

Thanks to InboxZero, you can search by date, type of document, name of the file, or contact. The researches by name, email address and subject are also possible


We added other great features to our innovative mail app:

► Quickly remove reminders with a new swipe action 

► Display the original email when you are replying 

► Share your notes (from the app "Notes") with InboxZero 

► Earn points by managing your emails with InboxZero and see your score

► Swipe down to refresh your inbox.

► Invite your friends by mail to use InboxZero 

► Send emails in landscape mode for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 

► Choose if you want to display emails in Cc in your conversations thanks to the function "Display everyone involved".

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Each update of InboxZero also involves improvements of speed, stability and reliability. We are sure you will love this new version.

If you have any ideas of improvements for our mail app, please contact us at


InboxZero is the best app to achieve inbox zero and get things done!