InboxZero, our gift for your Labour Day


Today is Labour Day! Doesn't it feel great to be away from your overloaded mailbox? From May 7th, this feeling will last forever thanks to our new app InboxZero. How much time have you already lost while looking for specific emails in your overloaded inbox? This is a classic situation. You want to find an email from one person but you forgot which email it was. Therefore, you start a search by typing the name and opening all the emails one by one. With InboxZero, we want to reduce this waste of time. To do so, we reorganise your emails into conversations. You can now simply browse through an entire email conversation and quickly find the email you were looking for. Furthermore, you can also see the emails you have sent. Finally, you don't need to switch anymore between your sent and received emails. 


Another unpleasant feeling that everyone has already experienced, is searching for a specific attachment: a picture, a booking, a file,... And we do no longer remember in which email it was. Again, we lose a lot of time looking for it. With InboxZero and a simple swipe you can see all the attachments exchanged with a contact.


Your life just got easier! On May 7th, our app will be available for FREE on the Belgian App Store. We will keep you updated next week. To discover InboxZero’s amazing features, visit our website and follow our social networks to stay informed: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +.