Mailbox is dead! Fortunately, InboxZero will take over


Discover why InboxZero is more powerful than Mailbox & the other email apps


Email conversations – just like WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger,…

WhatsApp and Messenger are so popular because they are like oral communication: a conversation between people. It is crazy that emails don’t work that way and are sorted by subject!

InboxZero revolutionizes your mailbox by gathering your emails in conversations by contact. It is just like real life and messenger apps.

You can quickly browse through all your emails exchanged with a contact in one unique conversation. Thanks to this app, finding a specific mail from a person becomes child’s play.


Stop being overwhelmed by newsletters & focus on people!

We receive too many newsletters! To solve this problem, InboxZero smartly sorts your conversations in two categories: People and Companies (newsletters).

You can focus on your conversations with people and quickly skim through the newsletters sent by companies. Your inbox consequently is lighter and better organized.


Smart attachments finder – search by date, contact, file type,…

We’ve all spent a lot of time looking for an attachment coming from a certain person…

Thanks to InboxZero, you can quickly search attachments by date, contact, or type of file.This makes it so much easier to find an attachment!


Mailbox features & Much more

Like mailbox, you can add a reminder to a conversation and it will reappear in your Inbox whenever you want. Forgetting to answer an email or to follow up with another mail won’t be part of your daily life anymore.

InboxZero offers a lot of other features to discover by yourselves!


InboxZero is only available in Belgium and Luxembourg. To be kept informed of the worldwide release, follow us on social networks or send an email to