Mind the gap: InboxZero to the rescue after Google shuts down Inbox


For over 40 years email clients have barely evolved until Google introduced Inbox by Gmail. Over time progress on Inbox noticeably slowed down until Google recently decided to completely kill off their mail app - regardless of how users react. So Inbox and Gmail-fans? What’s next? We dare say: InboxZero. A tiny Belgian company ready to take on the big boys with their innovative mail app.

Bring it on
InboxZero is convinced it can beat Inbox and Gmail for that matter with their innovative mail app. InboxZero founder, Managing Director of EASI and former Belgian professional soccer player Salvatore Curaba explains: “The challenge to compete with giants like Google or Apple has contributed to our motivation. When I went on the football field, I did it for the challenge, not for the money. This philosophy is anchored in my personality and the InboxZero project.”

Just like Inbox, InboxZero takes innovation to the next level. The creators took a good look at apps like Whatsapp and Messenger and decided to sort your emails in conversations. Just like in real life you can quickly browse through all your emails exchanged with a contact in one unique conversation. A unique feature. Needless to say: finding a specific mail from a person becomes child’s play. It’s crazy to think no other major player added this function to their mail app.

Win time when searching
They also added a smart algorithm to ease the browsing. It cleans the mails up to show you only the essential parts. An inventive little extra: every conversation keeps all the attachments linked to previous email exchanges. This way you stop losing time looking for a message or attachment. In addition their smart attachments finder lets you search by date, contact, file type… A huge time win!

Same functionalities
Designed for a unique user experience it brings together different email addresses in a single contact in order to have a detailed contact list. You can even sync your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to get your contacts pictures.
Great functionalities like reminders (snooze function) are integrated and they’ve added a serenity mode as well. This can be activated if you wish to decide which emails you want to see in your Inbox and which notifications you (do not) want to receive.

It is free
Last but not least – the app is free and shows no advertisements. Achieving InboxZero – the ultimate goal from the creators – might just become a reality with these smart functionalities. The app has launched and already has some fans in Belgium and the Netherlands.

You can download it in Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.easi.inboxzero&hl=nl ).
It's also available in the Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/be/app/inboxzero-mail/id1169039823?mt=8.
It’s compatible with Gmail, Yahoo and other email providers such Outlook (formerly known as Hotmail).