"Error registering: Provider OAuth refresh token is empty. Maybe previous token wasn't properly revoked!"

To have a secured connection between InboxZero and your mailbox which is stored at your provider, your provider will provide an authorisation token to us to access your emails. 
At certain time intervals this token will be updated to keep a secured connection. In some cases it may occur, following a technical error, that your old token is blocking the creation of a new one. 

InboxZero offers the possibility to view all of the attachments of all of your emails in one place. We have all spent a lot of time looking for an attachment coming from a certain person. Thanks to InboxZero, you can quickly browse all the attachments linked to your email exchanges with a contact.

New contacts can easily be added.

Seeing all your contacts can be done in only a few steps.

Conversations can be put into other folders.

InboxZero automatically distributes conversations in the default folders. However, you also have the possibility to create your own folders. 

After adding a reminder to a conversation, it will be available in the section Calendar & Reminders.

Add a reminder to a conversation and it will reappear in your inbox whenever you want it to. Forgetting to answer an email or to follow up on another email is not part of your daily life anymore.

Replying to a message from a contact is easy and fast, and can be done in only a few steps.

Using the search bar you can type a name, email address and/or email subject.

Your record is based on the number of consecutive days your inbox has remained at zero emails. That is, the number of successive days with at least once a day an empty Inbox. It will appear on the main screen of your Inbox. To check it:

Writing a new email is only a few clicks away.

You might have had emails in your Inbox, but they might have disappeared from your inbox after being read and sorted in conversations with contacts. Moreover, with the Serenity Mode activated, only some of your emails will appear in your inbox. To see the options go to:

You can access all your spam gathered in the same place thanks to the Spam option in the main menu.

This function retrieves your older emails from Gmail. Retrieved emails will be marked as read. The import can take up to 30 minutes.

By activating this function, the emails identified by Gmail as spam will be imported in the "Spam" menu item in InboxZero. Spams will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

By activating this function, when you will read and archive an email in your conversations in InboxZero, it will automatically be archived in Gmail.

Contacting us is very easy and straightforward.

You can invite your friends to use the application from ‘Rate us’ but there is also a specific form to do so.

Yes, there is a video that will surely help you to discover the application.

Rewatching the tutorial can be done in a few easy steps.

Resetting all the tips is just a few clicks away.

When you have a look at a conversation with a contact, only the emails directly exchanged between contacts are displayed. Activate this function if you also want to display all the emails for which the contact is in copy.

Activate this function if you want to display in the main menu your: number of conversations, reminders, contacts and attachments.

Yes, by activating the option Display reminders in inbox. Activate this function if you want to see your reminders in your inbox. Reminders will still be available in the menu ‘Calendar and Reminders'.

Use the option Proposition of reminders. Activate this function and InboxZero will ask you whether you want to add a reminder or not after reading an unread email in your inbox and after sending an email.

Yes, with the option Proposition of category. Activate this function so that, after reading an unread email from a new contact, InboxZero asks you if you want to categorize its sender as a person or a company.

Change the language of your app in only a few steps.

The Holiday Mode allows you to send an automatic email to all contacts in order to let them know you are currently unavailable. If it is a company, no message will be sent. When activated, you will need to set a start and end date.

Yes. You can choose when to be notified for reminders. To activate them follow the next steps.

When you have the Serenity mode off you can also select which notifications you want to receive.

In the Serenity Mode you can select which kind of notifications you want to receive.

Yes. In the Serenity Mode you can decide which emails enter your inbox. Your emails will still be available in your conversations however.

InboxZero offers a Serenity mode filtering your emails in a smart way. Through this, you can take the control of your inbox and notifications, and select who can contact you.

You can choose to order your contacts by first or by last name.

This allows you to import the contacts from your device to InboxZero. All imported contacts will be considered as persons. A merge of your contacts will be launched automatically after the import.

Activate this function if you want to merge your contacts automatically, once a week. The merge will only take place if the names of two contacts or two companies are identical.

Sometimes you can have repeated contact names for persons or companies. This function allows you to merge contacts that have the same last name and first name, as well as companies that have the same name.

Activate this feature if you want to update your contact pictures automatically. The update is done once a week.

Click to update contact pictures. The first time could take a while. 

In this screen you find an overview of the messages that you received and sent by day, month and year.

This function deletes your InboxZero account. All data will be deleted from this device and from the server. You’ll have to create your account again.

This function deletes all InboxZero data from this device.

Connect to Facebook to show contact pictures in your conversations. Only your Facebook friends using InboxZero will be taken into account. InboxZero will never post anything on your account.

Customize the signature that will be used when sending an email.