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  1. Open the application on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to the main Menu
  3. Tap Attachments.
  4. Here you have the full list of the attachments available in your account(s).
  5. They are divided according to different search patterns, so you can search them using the categories:
    • Attachments sorted by Date: from most recent to oldest.


    • Attachments sorted by Type: here you can find your attachments divided according to the type of document, such as HTLM, JPG, DOC, PNG, PDF, XLS…


    • Attachments sorted by File name: sorted alphabetically by the name of the file.


    • Attachments sorted by Contact:


    • You can also find a specific attachment using the search bar.


  6. You can tell if the attachment was sent or received  by you from these icons:
    • Sent:
    • Received: