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  1. Open the application on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to the main Menu
  3. Press Conversations.
  4. Select the contact you've had the conversation with.
  5. The email list will appear in green boxes. In this screen you will have to option to reply using the icon . If you press it, a new drop-down menu with new options will appear:
    • New email
    • Reply: this is where you can reply to the message
    • Add a note
    • Add an event
  6. Select  to display a new screen with more functions:
    • Reminder: activate a reminder for this mail.
    • Important: mark this email as important.
    • Add to a folder: add this email to a new folder.
    • Display everyone involved: activate this function if you want to display in a conversation all the emails for which the contact is in copy.
    • Delete this conversation
    • Attachments: here you can see the list of attachments linked with contact/conversation:
      • You can scroll through them or search within the options:


      • You can use the search bar to find the attachments:


    • More info: More info about the contact/conversation.
      • First and last email
      • Emails
      • Notes
      • Calendar entries
      • Attachments
  7. If you want to go to a specific email just press one of them in the boxes with the  logo.
  8. In the next screen you will see new icons and options:
    • Tap  to enlarge the body of the email
    • Tap  or  to browse the emails of the contact
    • Tap  or  to browse the different senders. If the icon is grey, scrolling will not be possible
    • Tap  to delete this email
    • Tap  to Reply (this is where you can reply to the message), Forward or Print
    • Tap  to see the attached files. If the icon is grey, no attached files will be available.


Attention: you can also reply an email from the Inbox menu following the same steps.