By using an InboxZero application, hereinafter referred to as “the App”, to enjoy the related services, hereinafter referred to as “the Services”, you irrevocably agree to be bound by the Mobile Apps general terms and conditions.

The French language version of the Mobile Apps general terms and conditions shall prevail if there is any discrepancy between this version and versions translated into other languages.


InboxZero reserves the right to adapt the Mobile Apps general terms and conditions, the latest valid version of which can be viewed on the website, at any time and before use.

Continuing to use the App after the Mobile Apps general terms and conditions have been changed will imply that you have irrevocably accepted the new version.

You have the option at any time not to start or continue to use the App if you do not accept the Mobile Apps general terms and conditions in the version in force when it is used.


As long as you respect the Mobile Apps general terms and conditions, InboxZero grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable licence to use the App.

All rights relating to the App and its content, as well as its functionalities, (1) are the exclusive property of InboxZero (particularly intellectual rights connected to its design as well as its development, source code, copyright and trademarks, hereinafter referred to as the “Intellectual Rights”), (2) are protected by the applicable international and national legal provisions, and (3) are under no circumstances transferred in full or in part within the context of the licence to use the App.

By using the App, you undertake to respect InboxZero's Intellectual Rights, as well as those generally owned by anybody else, including in particular, not to copy, forward, download or share content without obtaining the necessary rights to do so.

If one or more points in this article are breached, InboxZero will be entitled to remove the content in question and suspend or cancel your licence to use the App without notice or compensation.

Any suggestion that you pass on to InboxZero to adapt or improve an InboxZero App may be used by InboxZero free of charge, irrevocably and without any conditions.


InboxZero can adapt and add to the functionalities of the App or remove some of them without the need to inform you of this in advance or to offer you any compensation.

You can stop using the App when you choose, without any right to receive a refund of any value whatsoever.

InboxZero can at any time, without the need to give a reason, notice or compensation, suspend your ability to use the App, or withdraw the option completely, including in particular if the App is no longer available on the market, if the Mobile Apps terms and conditions are not respected, or if use of the App may be disrupted for you or one or more other users, or cause damage to InboxZero or to a third party.

The suspension or cancellation of the licence to use the App will mean that you will no longer have any access to your data, without you having any recourse against InboxZero.


You are responsible for the information that you pass on to InboxZero with a view to them granting you a licence to use the App. You confirm that it is correct and you undertake to pass on any modifications to InboxZero.

You are fully and exclusively responsible, without any recourse against InboxZero, for using the App and any consequences of that use.

Specifically, you are responsible for the confidentiality of any codes and passwords allowing you to use the App, and access to your information as well as this use and this access by any third party, whether or not they are authorised by you.

In particular, you undertake (1) not to abuse your use of the App, (2) not to disrupt or interrupt use of the App by one or more users, (3) not to make the App available to third parties via unauthorised distribution channels, (4) not to use the App if you are below the minimum age required, which is 13 or more in some countries, (5) not to publish or share content that is obscene, pornographic or that incites sectarianism or religious, racial or ethical hatred, (6) not to break the law in any way, including in particular by storing, publishing or sharing content that is fraudulent, defamatory, deceptive or infringes other people’s privacy or rights.

If the licence to use the App has been granted by InboxZero to your employer, the latter may at any time have access to your information and suspend or withdraw your ability to use it.


InboxZero is under no circumstances responsible for use of the App by the users, whether that is you or third parties to whom you have voluntarily or involuntarily given access to your information, or for the consequences of this for each of them and for third parties.

If the App relates to a publication or an exchange of information or content between users, InboxZero will under no circumstances be responsible for the content published and shared, which it is not bound to control.

The App is made available to users at the current stage of its development.

InboxZero does not offer any guarantee relating to the App.

Specifically, without this list being exhaustive, it does not guarantee that the App does not contain any programming or other errors, that it meets all the expectations of every user, that it will not be the subject of any malfunctions, that use will never be interrupted or not possible, that it can be used in any location, that there will be no loss of content or any other information, that it is suitable for a particular use or that there will never be any problem transferring or saving data.

As a result of this, neither InboxZero nor any of its employees, subcontractors, suppliers or distributors, will have to provide any compensation to anybody (whether or not they are users) if there is any direct or indirect damages (e.g. damages for loss of earnings or profit) resulting in particular from one of the circumstances described in the previous paragraph.

Lastly, if compensation has to be provided for any damages in accordance with a law, this compensation cannot cover indirect damages or be greater than three times the total amount paid by you to InboxZero for the licence to use the App.


You agree that InboxZero can contact you by any means, whether electronic or not, with information about the App or other products developed or marketed by them and, to this end, you undertake to keep your contact details up-to-date.

If you would like to stop receiving these messages at a later date, all you need to do is inform InboxZero by sending a message to or by post, by writing to Avenue Robert Schuman 12, 1400 Nivelles.


Any dispute between InboxZero and you will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of its registered offices in Belgium.

If InboxZero needs to serve you with notice of proceedings it can commence proceedings at the court dealing with those proceedings.

In any case, the court dealing with the proceedings will apply Belgian law.


You cannot transfer to anybody else the rights and responsibilities resulting from the licence to use the App, which is granted to you by InboxZero.

If InboxZero does not call for the application of one or more clauses of these general terms and conditions, this cannot be interpreted as their relinquishment of the right to demand that it is applied.


If you have any question about the agreement between us after InboxZero has granted you the licence to use the App and you have accepted these general terms and conditions, you can get in touch by email, by sending a message to or by post, by writing to Avenue Robert Schuman 12, 1400 Nivelles.


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